About Us

The Cultural Heritage started in the year 1994. For the past 20 years now, this unique Cultural Centre has built up it self and continues to do so with a lot of vision. Founded and visioned by the owner himself Mr. Saifuddin Khanbhai, who has continued the legacy of the Culture from his ancestors. 

The centre has a lot of departments which provides tourist a variety of services in it.

Be it for a gift, or be it as a souvenir, the curios and gift items at The Cultural Heritage are an array of ornaments which are made of beads, precious and semi precious jewelry , antiques, craft made from quality wood, clothing made from quality material, books from all around and even spices which give out a flavor of aroma just being there.

Our exquisite collection of precious and semi-precious stones – including rubies, emeralds, tsavorite, diamonds, sapphires and opals - is unrivalled across the continent. Of these our most highly treasured is tanzanite - a rare blue/violet stone found only in Tanzania, for which we have an international reputation. Purchase loose stones select from our ranges of hand made jewelery or work with our jewelers and designers to create your own unique piece.

The only collection of its kind in the continent, ranging from African antiques to sculptures, contemporary art, original paintings from emerging artists local and international. These fine collections will leave you dazzeled by the time you leave the "ART GALLERY". A breath taking feat of engineering and artful display that will leave you awe-struck. 

Our Restaurant has been catering for Arusha’s finest for 13 years and we prepare all of our food fresh to serve. Buffet or a la carte, with our selection of mouth-watering world foods - salads, homemade curries, traditional African dishes as well as a continental menu, who would go anywhere else?