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African communities are well known for craft work. Masks are another of their specialty. 

Each ceremony which has to be done has to have a mask. This mask with say not only something about the ceremony but is meant to give a meaning to the ceremony as well as the holder or wearer of the mask. 

A circumcision ceremony will have a such mask, when the a farmer will return from a harvest a special mask showing the depiction of a harvest will be given to him in the thanks giving ceremony. A witch doctor also has his own mask, not forgetting the kings and the chiefs who each own a mask for the occasion. 

It can be made out of wood, copper or even beads. 

Cultural Heritage gives you a chance to explore the wide range of masks which shows an insight about the Culture of the people of Africa. And also gives one a chance to learn about the land that they are visiting. 

We give you a chance and a choice to even own one such antique which will remind you of the History of the Land of the people of Africa.