One Way

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The land of Africa has a magic which is found in within it. 

Think about the times that you can gift someone special a gift from our of the world right from the heart of Africa.......

OR even just to take home a bag full of Souvenirs, in form of quality clothing's with African sayings, or even clothing from around Africa like the Shoowa or the mud cloth that you can stitch yourself later a skirt or a shirt,

A hand bag made out of rafia with beaded work, or even ornaments or sandals with beads. Take us back home by being a proud owner of an African rug.  

Book ends, Candle holders, beaded bowls, Zanzibar Lanterns, Antique furniture, animal bottle corks, Hangers of your favorite animals......

All this and much much more all under just this one roof in the "One Way" department, no need of even going elsewhere when all your needs are presented right here at Cultural Heritage.