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Welcome to Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage is a unique cultural centre on the outskirts of Arusha. We have curio shops, a jewellery boutique, a tanzanite and precious stone counter, a restaurant, bargain centre and outstanding commercial art gallery. We have a vast array of ornaments, jewellery, antiques and local crafts to cater for any budget. High quality clothing, textiles, accessories, books and spices can also be found onsite at Oneway and the Spice Centre.

Our exquisite collection of precious and semi-precious stones – including rubies, emeralds, tsavorite, diamonds, sapphires and opals - is unrivalled across the continent. Of these our most highly treasured is tanzanite - a rare blue/violet stone found only in Tanzania, for which we have an international reputation. Purchase loose stones, select from our ranges of hand made jewellery or work with our jewellers and designers to create your own unique piece.

The only collection of its kind in the world, ranging from African antiques to contemporary painting and sculpture you will be dazzled by our assembly of art and artefacts. Find some of our collections in the central store or come and experience the Gallery; a breath taking feat of engineering and artful display that will leave you awe-struck. Expert assistants are on hand to help you purchase art by emerging African artists or fascinating antiques form across the continent.

Our Restaurant has been catering for Arusha’s finest for 13 years and we prepare all of our food fresh to serve. Buffet or a la carte, with our selection of mouth-watering world foods - salads, homemade curries, traditional African dishes, french fries and humus, who would go anywhere else?


Tanzanite with tusks

Tanzanite with tusks


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Masaai Land and acacia view

Masaai Land and acacia view


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Mt. Kenya

Cultural Heritage Arusha Tanzania

  • Jacquiline Malapel
  • John Mahove
  • John Banovich
  • Joseph Cartoon
  • Ian Tallop
  • Israel O.
  • Hussein Saidi
  • Hendry Odero
  • Hussein Halfawi
  • Gerard Wilson
  • Gregory Maina
  • George Lilanga
  • Alexandra Spyratos
  • Alessia Valenza
  • Abuu
  • A.Omar
  • Barnaby Ghaui
  • Birgit Hendry
  • Esther Mukuhi
  • E.Omindo
  • Evanson Njuguna
  • Elijah Okoo
  • Gikonyo Miana
  • Jan Martin McGuire
  • John Ndungu
  • John Rock
  • Joseph Thingo
  • James Gary Hines 11
  • J.Mbai Njuguna
  • Kindeh O Evans
  • Lobulu Emanuel
  • Lee Fuller
  • Lusingu Mvungi
  • Lance Ndungu
  • Louise Hill
  • M.Chibaya
  • Magina Felix
  • Michael Mbunji
  • Moses Muigai

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